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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy birthday to QT

Today will be a different post my QT my youngest is one year old today. Between this event in our lives and some other things happening around the world I know I am lucky.

I am lucky to be where I am I live in a great part of the nation and I am lucky to be able to raise my kids here

I am lucky to have a husband who loves me and who likes to indulge my whims he is supportive and has a secure job in health care and for that we are very very lucky.

I am lucky to have 5 healthy boys who are great kids who are willing to join me on my whims! they are excited to help out our family and to make things better around here

I am lucky to have internet access that allows me to share my journey will all 4 people who read this blog and gives me the opportunity to spend cold dreary afternoons searching for more information.

So a very Happy birthday to my QT he is a special boy who will do great things in his life the world may not know his name but I know he will make a difference to every life he touches!

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