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Thursday, April 10, 2008

I sound so preachy

I hate that I don't want to sound preachy that is silly ...

I have so many tomatoes plants lots and lots of tomatoes plants

I counted when i started transplanting them from their little seedling containers to larger cups (reused from my sons Birthday parties and such events) 25 big boy tomato plants

I have at least 40 Roma tomato plants only 8 jelly bean tomato plants and I don't even want to count the Rutgers variety I have just too many.

I hope they all grow well and strong I will choose several for our garden and then sell any extras
I am using proceeds from any sales I make by selling extra plants or crafts to fund our greening efforts

we have some plans for the year as I am sure you have read(or I sure hope so!) one of the big ones that will cost a good amount of money is some new bigger windows for our living room we NEED new windows for that room the ones we have are bad and rotten and new windows are a must have for the year my dream is to have big windows on that side of the house because it face south and East gets great sunlight and I really want to get a greenhouse window that would be so helpful.

Then of course there is the passive solar hot water heater we have almost all of the elements for it the only thing we are waiting on is for the weather to turn nice enough up here for us to install it (we still have snow on the ground and freezing temps at night) a couple of weeks and weather should be nice enough to start this big project

and we also want to remove the carpeting in the living room to put in wood floors we have enough of the flooring to get us about half way through the room.

my first purchase will be a worm bin I have chosen my model based on price and ease of use I did not buy it when i first said I would because we were broke that week and I used some of the money in my account to buy my artist son Tim his first digital camera he loves to take pictures and make movies it is a great gift for him. ...and I got a pretty great deal .

Alex is hoping to have his first G- Force meeting this weekend he wants to get together with anyone interested to talk about things they can do. He really wants to go for a walk and pick up trash but again we still have snow on the ground and are expecting another storm here this weekend so we don't know if the walk will happen. did I mention how proud I am of him for doing this? I told him that if no one comes over or can make it this weekend we will go on our first mission without them!

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