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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I was bored last night and needed a good laugh

I suggest that if anyone else is bored and wants to chuckle to do what I did.

I went and read campaign promises

now anytime there is a presidential campaign you will get some people who are passionately attracted to one or another of the candidates.

we currently have 3.
Being the cynic that I am I did not go read the republican point of view. I only read what Hillary and Barrack had to say

very similar in their stance they both agree that something must be done

they talk about outlawing incandescent light bulbs (well those were not the words I think they said phasing out or some nice political term)

They talk of mandating more efficient cars

green buildings blah blah blah blah blah blah

I read that and I KNOW that if I was younger and more naive I would be ALL FOR IT

I would be YES that is awesome YES great ideas YES do it!

but because I have seen a few presidents come and go I have watched as these clowns (sorry cant come up with something better right now) have talked and talked and talked

and little has gotten done

at least little has gotten done that most of America can afford

So I wrote a shortish dissertation to Mr. Obama

sorry I don't have a copy of it. basically there is a place to write down your ideas I bet he gets millions a day so I am quite certain that mine will never be seen by anyone of consequence.

I reminded Mr. Obama that it is great that he wants to change things however he really needs to rethink some of his ideas most of his ideas remind me of the trickle down theory from Mr Reagan anyone remember that? where the government gives money to the wealthy and then waits for it to trickle down to the lower income brackets.

well in that sense getting companies to change their ways and production techniques and make "greener" products like cars that only the wealthy can afford we seem to be waiting for things to trickle down.

My husband and I have never owned a new car so buying a hybrid or "alternative" method car is not going to happen unless someone decides to drop one on our doorstep and say HERE a gift for you!

I told him that if gas prices rise much higher my husband will not be able to afford to drive to work and his job is not one of those magical mythical telecommuting positions he actually has to go in and see patients (Dave is a physical therapist assistant) not everyone works on a computer.

Dave has to drive his old car (a 1995 truck) 34 miles one way to work. his gas budget for 2 weeks is more than our grocery budget

good thing I am creative

we do not qualify for low income assistance
I told him about my blog (again quite certain he wont read it) and I told him about the ideas my boys have had

I mentioned G force and said "my son Alex and his friends are DOING what grown ups only talk about as a good idea." many adults see trash on the roadside and say "tsk tsk what a shame" Alex and his buddies don't mind getting dirty

no this wont be a national movement by my boy but even if he only cleans up the road we live on and the snow mobile trail that he likes to take his walks on then he has done his part.

The more things I watch on science channels the more frightened I become and the more I wish we could do. again there is little that can be done because of finances.

And then I remember something.
Necessity is the mother of invention

When I broke it is then that I am at my most creative. I find I use more of what I already have (thereby making less waste) I find creative things to do and to MAKE the comforts that others pay for.

I have so much. and in my own small way I will make a difference. and even if I can only convince my boys to join me well then I have changed the way things WILL be in the future

That is what I love about being a mom shaping young minds (insert evil laughter here) my minions I mean my darlings are going to influence those they meet. They will learn to do things the way I teach them to and they will change and add the ideas they pick up in their lives.

Ok enough preaching

I really wanted to get my Zach a new T Shirt for Earth Day they had some neat ones advertised at Walmart (cringe if you like I live in a rural area it is THE place to shop) with great slogans and cute things on them

I am debating my personal favorite that just says 8 year old boy to me is

"Save energy wear a dirty shirt" and the good news is it is already dirty so if he gets mud mustard or any of the other mysterious stains that get all over Zach's clothes it wont matter and he can still make a statement

so i checked online (to save my gas) 6 dollars plus 97 cents shipping hmmmmmmm

I think I will just buy him a plain T shirt or dig in his drawer for one and we can use fabric paint to make him one LOL then he can have a "new" Earth day themed shirt and it wont be wasting anything
I can afford 6$ for a shirt I just don't want to spend it

The weather around here is really starting to tease! it is warm again today which is good cause then I can hang clothes on the line.

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