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Sunday, April 27, 2008

OH boy Oh Boy

Food prices go up and up at one of our local stores the cost of a big can of coffee is 10$ EEEKK

I sure hope I dont have to give up my morning cup of coffee I guess I need to look into growing tea leaves

My garden is going so well and so large that I have to hope for the weather to warm up soon so I can move it all outside. We have decided that due to food prices we will simply plant everything we have instead of selling seedlings and my mother in law will come up toward the end of summer to help me with freezing the food.

Now it may turn out that I am being a bit wacko and that nothing will happen however from the looks of things we will all be paying a great deal not only at the pumps but also at the grocery store so we all will need to tighten our belts and figure out how to survive (large families have it hard enough without food prices going up too)

Anyone and I mean REALLY ANYONE living anywhere can grow some of thier own food. gardening is not all that hard really the difference between a great gardener and poor one is the amount of harvest they get pretty much plants will grow if you give them light air soil and water nothing fancy just those things and you will at least be able to grow one tomato!

For us our garden is taking over our house we have to hope for warmth soon so we can transplant the plants we have to the ground where they will thrive

now I have no illusions of being Laura Ingalls and having my family sustained completely from my gardening efforts of course if you want to read simple stories on sustainability those are a lovely tales to explain the difficulties and triumphs of how things were done in days gone by

If you read the comments on my last post you will see that the good professor and I had a stimulating conversation on attitude change of course we would ALL love to see big bussiness and the government make a huge shift in thier way of thinking and make changes for the better for the health of all people all over the world.


Maisie said...

Sue, I know exactly what you means about the price hike, here in Uk an average weeks shop has gone up £15 ($30) since last year and petrol is now £4.90 ($9.80)/gall.

I have tracked back through your blog and found it very interesting; so nice to see that the boys are all on board as well.

I also know what you mean about the 13 yr old with his anger Tom my eldest is just like that having also just turned 13 on Apr 16.

Have added you to my blogroll on my blog so I can keep up with you on a weekly basis.

Sue said...

Good we Moms need to stick together !

If Gas here was 9/gal my husband could not go to work he works 34miles away from our house and his big ol truck wow it just boggles my mind

I was so interested in your blog because I also live in a tiny rural town 15 minutes away from the nearest larger town. and we both have boys ...

my boys are the main reason I started this venture they are scared for the future and want to do thier part to fix things

fearlesschef said...

I think that if you are eating meat that is raised on grass and not fed conventionally, that it leaves your impact much smaller. And yeah, we can't all be Laura Ingalls, although I used to dream as a child that I could be, we can get close. I have spent the winter studying this whole "homesteading" business, and I think it really is possible. We have friends who own farmland and they are going to trade services with us. I am still struggling to make the cheeses and they have loads of land that we are going to plant on. Plus, chickens and goats! Wouldn't it be a dream to be self-sustaining? I am going to attempt making my own crakers this week to cut some more costs...

Sue said...

I have been giving this a great deal of thought for quite a few years I think it is worthy of an after dinner post LOL