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Sunday, April 20, 2008

WOW the snow is gone

...for now

In Northern WI you never know it has been known to snow here into July(rare but it has happened) so planting is something that is not taken lightly

This weekend we had spring it was so nice we let the fire in the woodstove go out and went out into the sunshine and surveyed the winter damage

well we have a yard that looks like a dump so we started picking up sweeping raking and picking up we lookd at the area where the veggie garden beds will be and heaved a very heavy sigh because we know that there is 2 years worth of weeds and junk in there

as of now we have most of the junk out the weeds will just have to wait till another time we are all tired from getting too excited at the warm weather

all that fresh air wore us out

I also think that the baby QT has allergies his eyes are all watery and his nose is stuffy and he is all wheezy if he does he is 5th of my children with them pretty bad I will talk to his doc about it but I know there is not much to do

I was thrilled that it warmed up this weekend and dried out hanging laundry on the line is much nicer when it is warm and sunny

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