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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Talking to myself again

Dear Self

you really have to get your butt moving on the whole organizational side of the garden you must have a better plan for the rest of the season you have tons of plants and now you need to know where they go and how they go and with whom they go

since that does not make sense even to me I will explain myself to myself (so long as I don't answer myself we are all OK)

I want to do companion planting to not only save space but also because all the pictures I have seen of it make it look so darn pretty I want my vegetable garden to be not only a functional part of our home but also a thing of beauty

Of course when I tell Dave this he wonders WHY I want an arbor in the middle of the garden and a place to sit to look at it and enjoy it I want paths between the beds that are made of nicely trimmed grass Dave tilled the beds up for me and shook his head the whole time because he does not see how having beds will be any better than rows and after all his Dad does rows in his garden so if it is good enough for his Dad then it must be good enough for us

But here is my thing gardening for me has always been an experiment I just toss out things I grow and hope for the best

this year it needs to be more functional because we need the food to help cut costs

I happen to think that of the types of vegetable gardens I have seen that a raised bed garden with distinctive paths would be easiest to take care of with little kids the boys can be told ONLY walk on the grass instead of told walk between the rows I mean really how easy does he think keeping kids out of the garden is going to be ??

SO I need to get off my keester and get my notebook together to plan out how many plants go in which bed and with whom so i know what goes where


Mana said...

Hi! I just wanted to drop a note and say thanks for sharing what is happening in your life...I stumbled onto your site through a comment you left, I believe, on Anyway, I like your blog, so I added it to my sire roll...if you're uncomfortable with that just give me a holler and I will take it down. Thanks!


Sue said...

Thank you so much for your comment I do not mind have lots of readers it wont stop my talking to myself posts but I find it wonderful to have people enjoy and share what we are doing Tell your friends the more the merrier!

Roxy Jewelry said...

Good luck with your garden. I on the other hand can't grow a thing!