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Friday, July 4, 2008

Indepenence day

In the United States today is 4th of July or Independence Day it is the anniversary of the signing of the declaration of Independence from England and the tyranny of living under a monarch ...and well those who know their history on both sides know the rest of the bloody store of a bloody war and nastiness that ensued

Now here in the US Independence Day is celebrated with picnics parades tons of flags and lots and lots of Fireworks

This year I suggest that independence Day be treated similar to New Years make a fresh start declare your independence from something

There are many things we all have that are toxic in our lives be it behaviors like smoking and drinking to eating too much meat or not exercising enough not eating enough good foods or using too much energy.

Instead of using the gas lawnmower let the lawn grow a little longer or dig it up and plant some vegetables or just mow it later

Take a walk why waste gas going to the gym or where ever go walking

Turn off the TV and computer and have an energy free day or two with the kids once they get outside and playing around they will have fun and not notice that they are not being entertain but are doing the entertaining

if you must buy something buy some new light bulbs The LED ones are expensive but pretty nifty I was able to get one I like them more than the CFLs so I think those will replace any bulbs we have

eat at home so many people go out and now so many can't afford it over the years I have made recipes of things that we loved to eat at restaurants that contain few ingredients and if I the worlds most pathetic cook can make them anyone can

we make oven breaded chicken tenders for the kids

crush up corn flakes add into it some spices of your choice I like to use Parmesan cheese garlic powder black pepper use a scrambled egg in a bowl to dip the chicken chunks in and then bake on a greased baking sheet till done

and those are chicken chunks I also have used this for breading fish I bet lots more people can come up with better ideas than I can. Play around with it food is a fun toy and if release some fears about it you will come up with something great OR you will have a very funny story about the worlds worse attempt to make _______
so declare your Independence from something and as my mom used to say

get off your ass and do it!!


fearlesschef said...

Nice thoughts on the whole reason for Independence celebrations... I have declared freedom from:
1. lawn envy
2. Food dyes
3. Artificial sweeteners

I have already freed myself from the major grocery stores as whatever I cannot make or grow on my own I have been able to find at the farmer's market in town or done without. Another thing that I am in the process of freeing myself is fear of criticism. As I am freeing myself from the "man", I am setting myself up to be scrutinized and commented on by all who observe. But, I believe in what I am doing and why I make the choices I do, eventually, I will come to the point where I no longer care what people think or say about me and my homemade marshmallows!

Sue said...

Brilliant Dear brilliant!

Being freed from critisism and care of what others think of your own life choices will make you happier I know I always get sad when I find myself dwelling on others opinions of me and my choices my husband is a smart man and he says "who is to say that they would not make the same choices in your shoes?"

Those who have actually seen what I have done so far this year are impressed

I want to know how to make homemade marshmallows my kids would LOVE that