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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Self Sustainability again

I keep thinking about this and I think more and more because of the crazy rise in prices of everything

Dave and I talk about it as well and he being the patient one keeps me well a little better on track

I like many people want it all and I want it all NOW I want to be able to do everything and I want it to be easy and pretty and well I dont want to make costly mistakes

of course to do this I have to slow down I can't rush through this project I need to have it done in a meticulous manner I have to know what I am getting and where it is going

So for example my animals I have a dog several cats chickens and soon (hopefully tomorrow) we will get pigs

how do I feed them if I can't get feed from the store? being self sustainable means being able to feed the animals without having to rely on commercially bought feeds

I guess I would have to keep a phone I mean if I did not have internet or a phone how would I do my research to find things I would need or how would I talk to my friends?

I need to think of what skills I would need and what tools I would need to survive

what things would need to be done how would I do the laundry? how would I light the house? I can handle no electric lights or very few but how would I get things like candles (I have never made them) Soap ..well my mother in law wants to do that this fall so we will let her learn how and come up with how we will do this

I can garden I can kinda build at least good enough to get by simple structures

Dave promised we would build the Solar Hot water heater this week so we will be working on that and I will take pictures as we do it step by step

we also bought some things to make a solar oven of sorts so we will see how this works I hope it does well because we are supposed to get some really hot weather here soon!

I dont do well with hot weather but perhaps this will inspire the watermelons to perk up a bit

So I am taking small baby steps towards being able to do more for us here

and Dave got himself his treat for this paycheck some half price Plum trees (he loves plums and wants tons of fruit trees on our property)


moneytree said...

Thanks for this link. Just saw this on "Wasted" and was curious about it.

p.s. One Family's Attempt (Families is plural)

Sue said...

Good glad you got see the "centometer"

I knew it looked wrong spelling and grammar have never been my strong suit LOL