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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Some people just don't get "IT"

Being broke lets you look at things in a different way things that others see as NEEDS are suddenly not so needed

things like AC I mean how long did people survive without Air Conditioning and even in the deep south I mean how did they do it??

Things that our modern world has taken for granted many in the real world can't afford or wish they could but just do without and hope and pray they won't have a problem

It was brought up in the election stuff you know health insurance elder care all of these things that many people in the world think I sure wish I had that

I saw on the news that food pantries are seeing a BOOM in people in need and a bust of people donating food makes me want to clean my bare pantry to donate some things I might not use so others can have it

makes me greatful for the little we do have

makes me greatful for my husband who works hard all the time to give us what we do have

makes me greatful my children are healthy so we dont have to test that health insurance we have

Makes me appreciative of my boys who bust thier butts to help save energy every day (my oldest helps with laundry he hung some on the line today good boy!!)

I am lucky to have boys so willing to turn saving money and energy into an adventure and a science project

It is a joy to have that

Zach has been working with Tim on thier first book here is a picture of the cover

I dont know if you can see it but the little glass bottle in the picture is crying because it got thrown away and not recycled there are other characters in the garbage can with the bottle who will star in other books

(I have brilliant children and yes I am bragging!)

Zach's concept for this series of books is so sweet and simple and adorable and Tim's art work just brings these sweet stories such an adorable quality I am so proud of both of them

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