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Monday, July 14, 2008

Timinator production

The boys wanted to get one of thier movies completed and so yesterday July 13th we filmed the soon to be famous Timinator anti litter campaign movie

after filming it went immediately into editing and by tonight it will be released for all to see on You Tube (we need to add just one more tiny detail for it to be perfect)

aside from it crashing my computer a few dozen times there were no problems

The next G-Force production will go into filming in the next few days and be released possibly next week we are having some casting issues we want a certain young lady to play a damsel in distress but she does not wish to so we may have to dress a boy up as a girl as you can imagine the whole thing is quite a contact dispute

oh the drama

and we still have not even started digging that hole yet grrrrrrrr

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