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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Downside to the "centometer"


This is a sad day for me
I was given a great opportunity and sadly the electrical meter I have is not compatible with the power cost monitor from Blue Line Innovations. The Power cost monitor is compatible with 95% of the meters out there mine ..sadly for me ...falls into the 5%

here is the e-mail I got today

Hi Sue,

Unfortunately, your electric meter (Lands and Gyr ALTIMUS, Type AL) is one of the few that is not compatible with the PowerCost Monitor. The technical reason is that the “Watt IR pulse” (the signal we use to show consumers their electricity usage) cannot be reactivated by the optical port.

As I might have mentioned the PCM works with about 95% of the current electric meters installed in the US and Canada today. Unfortunately yours falls into the 5% that is not compatible.

Best regards,


This is such a bummer I really wanted one I am hopeful that the company will be working to fix this oversite and might come up with a power cost monitor that works with my meter till then I will still sing the praises of this product even though I did not get the chance to try it


Because this is a product that gives you right in your hands a chance to take charge and control over the electricity you use and it gives you the instant feedback that many people need.


save energy turn off your lights use your solar clothes dryer(clothes line) when shopping look for things that use less energy

and save yourself a few bucks

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