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Thursday, September 18, 2008

All about this cool Nike Program

This is the site to go to

Basically they take athletic shoes without metal (so no cleats or dress shoes) they can be in any condition so long as they are dry (do not send something soaking wet)

they grind them up and turn them into a resurfacing material for playgrounds or basketball courts


what a terrific way to reuse shoes

NOW here is the KICKER

(pardon the pun)

what if you are not living in an area where they have a pick up place??

well you have 2 options

start a shoe drive to get together shoes to send in from your community

then Nike will pick them up!! (you have to meet their requirement of a minimum number of shoes


you can mail your shoes to their center

SO if you have some spare money and a bunch of shoes or if you have a community group that is willing to collect a WHOLE BUNCH of shoes to send in

So this is a neat option to clean out your closets

NOW if you are like me and you have a HUGE box of shoes and DO NOT have the money to send them perhaps you live near ...or know someone who does..a shoe drop off place

I happen to know someone who DOES live near a shoe drop off and she actually volunteers where the drop off zone is so it is NOT out of her way

I will be giving my dear mother in law who is a fairly environmentally conscientious person who would gladly indulge her grandsons obsession and take a box of dirty stinky tennis shoes to the drop off zone

I should probably ask her first before volunteering her but I know her well enough to know she would be happy to do this for Zach and she is very supportive and proud of him and his efforts in saving the planet !

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