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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I told you we have a short growing season LOL

yesterday afternoon I was puttering around on the computer when my weather bug started blinking at me I looked out the window to clear skies so I was wondering why weather bug would be blinking and beeping at me. The darn thing started to get annoying so I clicked on it.




200 tomato plants cucumber plants pepper plants that actually are showing signs of peppers on them

and we are getting FROST

IO have all those beautiful green tomatoes that are just begging for another couple weeks of warmish weather just so they can vine ripen and be tasty and flavorful

and we are getting frost


so I text Dear Dave and tell him he has to be home before the sun goes down completely so we can cover ALL of the plants with bed sheets and tarps and whatever else we can find to save them

He was chuckling while we covered the plants and I was cursing I am not a happy camper

Zach was running in and out of the house grabbing as many sheets as he could find (good thing we have tons of bed sheets) to save the garden because he said "OH NO I am not letting all our work go to the frost! "

I picked one nice big beautiful Dahlia for the table and we headed inside

we brought along with us
One Dahlia flower
One Banana tree
One Lime tree

One huge pot of assorted kitchen herbs
one pot with lavender growing in it
a pot of basil
a pot with strawberries
and a pot of peppermint

I think I now have my jungle back

This morning when I woke up the temperature was 34 degrees I removed the sheets just as the sun was coming over the trees and the plants look a little crushed from the weight of the damp sheets but they look alive at least

So no frost damage last night

I also found out this cool thing Snake Gourds are edible! Zach has some great snake gourds in his garden and we can use them similar to cucumbers (if they are the right kind) I must find out more about these unique plants.

I was hoping frost would have held off another week or two so I had the time to plant better and change out the soil for something fresh and lighter weight for inside the house with better drainage ...and of course to set up places and lighting for these beauties

oh well they are inside now I will get some dirt on payday (Dave laughs that he has to buy more dirt)

Oh and we got some more trees Dave is on his way to having the orchard of his dreams We now have in total

3 apple trees (they were here when we moved in)

5 plum trees

and one cherry tree

(and he laughs at me for my seeds!)


Anonymous said...

Sue, thanks for your comment. I've got a pretty thick skin for such goings-on (most days!), but it's so great to know people who can relate to things in my life, that perhaps my 'real friends' can't yet. The internet has been good to me that way :)

Sue said...

It is hard being the first in a group of friends to have a baby. I was the first in my group of friends too. So while they were talking about college ..and work..and volunteer experiences I got to add to the conversation with

my opinion of babyfood

breast vs Bottle

all those fun topics that to a non mom are ..



I did not understand how they could get themselves so wrapped in thier hair or the latest thing happening in the world when my darling baby just smiled the worlds most heart melting grin!

They could not relate to how "small" my world had become

to me it had gotten so large and was wrapped up in something so much bigger and better than who I was before

To me motherhood redefines feminism in many ways. I am Mom to 5 fabulous caring young men (one who is trying to enter the dating scene!)
So think of thier world as not complete they lack the understanding that you have now because of that sweet little boy.

To many it sounds old fashioned

just wait they will have babies of thier own someday and they will see .