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Monday, October 6, 2008

Soooooo now what ?

The plants that I could save are all in

I have some celery that needs to be dealt with ..severely

I have a nice new food dehydrator that I took for a test dehydrate the other day on some lovely celery leaves it made them PERFECT I crumbled them up and used them in soup I was so excited the smell that filled the house was awesome

now I have more celery to blanch and leaves to work with

but first I have to FIND my kitchen counters

ALL THOSE TOMATOES have taken over not only have them taken over they seem to have grown in number and they are very intimidating

so (I have been ill) I have taken my time and have sorted through the tomatoes a bit at a time

ones that are too small go into a bucket for the pigs same thing with the ones that are bruised or show signs of having freeze burns on them and ones that have just plain smashed under the weight of their brother tomatoes in the baskets!!

I have many things to cope with here to get things ready for sauces and such and ripening the green tomatoes in paper bags I have several bags of tomatoes for Dave to take to work with him because I really have no use for that many jelly bean tomatoes !!

(several lunch bags full of them)

we had one squash on our lone squash plant

I have no idea if it was ripe but the plant itself was damaged by frost

Zach happily devored his corn from his corn plants and we learned several lessons about our efforts

first aside from our planting schedule needs to better fit the growing needs of the plants (again note to self till I get it through my thick head Tomatoes are NOT the first plant to start!)

watering inconsisitent watering was really an issue especially for the corn the corn needed to be planted earlier AND watered on a better schedule

WE actually got some potatoes out of our tires not nearly as many as we had hoped but hey an experiment is an experiment

we might even luck out and have thes plants we brought inside survive the kitten who seems to have a death wish!!

she does not understand I have no issue sending a kitty to the humane society for the sake of my plants!!!


Anonymous said...

You have learned so much! I admire your spunk and interest!

I hope you are feeling better, it is hard to work in the yard when not feeling well.

I love your blog! Would you mind if I link your blog to my blog?


Sue said...

Thanks for the compliment.

I would love it if you linked my blog to yours.

Hydroponica said...

If I ever get around to updating the Encyclopedia attached to my blog (maybe after this move is done) I'll definitely be adding your blog to it.

I know what you mean about the counters filled with tomatoes... that's where I've been for awhile now too. Except I have to be careful because our cat has decided to practice her predatory instincts on any vegetables she can find.

I've found more than a few bite-marks on tomatoes, lettuce, you name it.

Sue said...

Thanks! I have the same problem with cats and kids and a hubby who is addicted to tomatoes
his favorite saying is

I love tomatoes but they don't love me!

poor man he tends to overdo it a bit !