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Saturday, February 14, 2009

BLAH what a long time since I have been here

I have loads of excuses but it does not matter much I have neglected this blog and I am sorry to those who have been looking forward to listening to me babble on

I have been fairly good at my greenish living not great not super dedicated but more comfortable with the things I have adopted to make them habits

of course for the new year I made resolutions ...I do not recommend them but I make them every year anyways

I have the usual resolutions

loose weight

excersise more

read more to expand my mind

and of course

live greener

I think I learned a lot of things from my endevors over the last year my gardening mostly will be better and more well planned out

I started my seeds the other day ...well some of the seeds

So far I planted


and Basil

lots of sage and basil

I have goals GRAND goals again this year ...they will be tempered though (for a short period of time LOL) with caution and I will do my best to plan only things that COULD actually happen

Things I want again this year would be

The big garden ..probably not 200 tomatoe plants but definately a big garden

I really want the Passive Solar hot water heater really really bad

I also want us to cut our wood for heat ahead of time using already fallen or already dead trees this can be done fairly easily if I can inspire my boys well enough

I want to have my yard cleaned up nice and get rid of excess clutter outside (we have tons of junk but this is a WHOLE other post)

I also want our water problem fixed (rusty well water we need a certain kind of filter the 2 we ave are not cutting it)

On the good side

I have spent the winter working on decluttering the inside of the house

not as clean as it could be ...but definately a step in the right direction

many of my indoor plants survived which is a great thing the banana tree is growing the lime stick is looking more like a bush with leaves and actually has flower buds on it!!

we stayed pretty warm this year our little wood fireplace did a great job on the super coldest of days we had to use the gas fireplace but it was not too bad

So I will try my best to come up with a few interesting things to post here and there to keep up with my simple goals

It is still deep winter here so the only thing that happens now is starting seeds and garden planning the real work starts when it warms up

sometime the second week of June!!


Blu said...

Hi, glad to see you posted again. I want to grown some sage too. My garden blog has been closed for the winter just like my garden. I must buy some sage seeds.

Best wishes Blu

fearlesschef said...

Yay! You're back! I missed your adventures!

Stefani Family Farm said...

I did not see the option to "follow" your blog.. Is there a way you can set it up to do so? I know on my blog there is a button or link. ??

( )