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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shades of Green

How green can you go? Sure I would love to live in a completely green house with all of our energy made by us and our food produced or acquired from local farmers grown organically and safely. where we had no waste or used our waste . I watch these shows about these houses that are being designed by builders and inventors and they run on such small amounts of electricity that it boggles the mind.

The more I read the more guilty I feel for not doing ALL I can. Then I remember something , small steps make the most lasting changes. By doing something to make it a habit instead of a fad or just following a trend will make this part of our lifestyle. It will make the "greener" way the way WE do things instead of the thing to do because we feel like it.

I can also do things in my life that other people cannot do because I live on a small hobby farm. But there are options others can take advantage of because they live in the city. Where I can have chickens and grow a lot of food in the summertime, there is no public transportation where I live. I have limited options in my shopping. Also going anywhere is a long drive.

The thing I think I will have the hardest time letting go of is my cleaning products. We have rusty water that stains everything it touches. We need a better way of filtering out the rust for cleaning and drinking. If I can find a way to do that then I could probably be convinced to use less toxic chemicals on things. my current favorite are bleach spray and Bar keepers friend cleanser. For me a cleaner has to be effective inexpensive AND not take a ton of time to do it's bussiness ! I cannot let a cleaner just sit in a place to let it work because I have lots of kids that just do not seem to grasp (toilet bowl is soaking leave it alone for 3 hours and use the other one!) When I find something that meets my criteria I will change, At least then I know my hands will be better off. They suffer so much at the hand of the chemicals because I can never find my cleaning gloves ... I wonder what the boys made them into...

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myraschell said...

I love the way you are turning daily life experiences into a living science lab and allowing your kids to be a part of the process of energy conservation. Kudo's to you! Good luck with the solar water heater.