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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Two steps forward ...

SO we always have setbacks it can be expected I mean to change ones lifestyle is not an easy task . Let's look at what I am trying to do and how things have gone back and forth

Cloth diapering ~ I tell you it is easy to do ...(here comes the but) however it is also different especially since I am not really "set up" for it. my QT is in between sizes right now so I have 2 covers that fit and work well which means change him wash it immediately and get it dry and ready for the next change ..then pick up the baby who is currently in that "don't you dare put me down momma or I will scream as though I have been dipped in acid" stage

I need some time to sew some more diapers every day I set out to do it and everyday something happens to stop or stall the process... laundry folded on the dining room table(which is also where I sew) crumbs left all over from the boys so take the 10 minutes QT lets me put him down to well clean up . I have gotten so far as to get the table covered in fabric ...and then...


OK OK OK I get the point

So that was a step behind

Another step behind would have to be that over the last few weeks our indoor wood stove was not working up to par so that meant using the gas fireplace and some electric heaters to warm up. We got the problem fixed now (the flue was plugged up even after burning several of those creosote logs) now that the problem has been fixed it is much nicer in here.

During the time of the fire not being effective I was reminded of what my Dad would have done. My Dad was the ultimate cheapskate. He took being cheap to a whole NEW level. Dad would keep his house at 55 degrees at night and at 62 during the day all winter long. If you dared to complain of being cold in HIS house he would say "if your so cold put on a sweater!" then he would go into his diatribe about how in the winter time you need to dress in layers and after that all I remember is his voice going on and on saying blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

I miss hearing that. Dad's voice was the background noise of my life. Things have been very quiet since he died in 2002.

Now for those who would say "WOOD HEAT but you are cutting down trees and polluting etc"

No we don't cut down trees we use the branches that have already fallen on the ground my oldest son goes and collects them and then Dave cuts them up into little logs. This spring and summer the boys and I are going to be doing a whole bunch of searches for our winter fuel fun free and works well.

Now onto the steps ahead

Our garden has been started I have some pansy's growing in a window sill some lavender and basil and thyme and rosemary and peppermint. Once my Dear Dave gets my big grow light up I will start more seeds

My light cops have been doing very well. The older boys went through their room and unplugged some things they never use anyway so that has been taken care of. Zach my partner in crime reminded me to buy some compact florescent bulbs at my last trip to the store. I put him in charge of choosing where the 4 we bought would go

He wants one in his room in a lamp he will then have a room FULL of florescent light. I opened up the curtains in his room and it gets great light from the big window so he only needs his lights on at night when he is in there.

He wants another 2 light bulbs in the game room which is next to his bedroom. This room has no windows and two overhead lights So the bulbs will go there. finally one in the dining room fixture which takes 5 bulbs and is our main source of light in our main living area. Zach wants to get more to put in there.

I also got a sound activated LED night light for the upstairs bathroom which also has no windows. Before we had a light activated night light so if the room was dark the night light would go on. SADLY this night light was always on. we have it in place for a few days someone threw out the directions(Dave) and this light does not work as I thought it would I have tried all the settings no luck. but at least the night light is not on all the time. the only was this light goes on is if you give it a good smack. so in the dead of night I have to turn on the overhead light walk into the bathroom smack the night light and.. well by then I have finished my business and have turned off the overhead light and gone back to bed.

Another electrical item that has been "on" for a LONG LONG time without being used at all is our old broken dishwasher. It did not even occur to Dave or I that this thing was sitting there sucking energy till one day we were doing dishes by hand (for the millionth time that day) and we looked at it. I asked him "how long has this thing been on?"

"I don't know since it broke I guess"

"so for OVER a year!!"


"great turn it off!!"

"I'll get to it"

SO tonight I must have him turn that thing off put a BIG sign on it today I hope it helps remind us both to get that thing unplugged!

Another step ahead is today I ordered worms for our worm compost bin. Zach thinks this is going to be a cool indoor"pet" to have I just like the idea of not having so much food waste and have something good for my garden.

Paper waste

WE have more paper waste than any one family should be allowed between school projects letters mailings etc so much paper waste!! We came up with a creative solution that the kids LOVE. We take all the things they do not want to keep we pile it up and at the end of the week we turn on the paper shredder.

I know I know "how the heck does that help?!!"

WELL here is the plan we save the shreds in large garbage bags and we will be using them in the garden this year as our "hay" on the ground around the plants the paper will keep down the weeds and decompose right in the garden.

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