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Friday, March 28, 2008

Earth Hour

This is such a splendid idea have you heard of it?

Earth Hour Turn off your lights for one hour starting at 8pm your local time On Saturday March 29th 2008.

What a neat idea around the world people are joining in.

Hmmm What will we do for Earth Hour. I know what we would have done before we had kids!

Well first I need to tell the kids about it. I know my Zach will be on board right away especially if his Dad will play Chess with him (Zach even beat Daddy at a game the other day the boy is getting GOOD at Chess like his Dad in this way I am so happy he does not take after me!)

Tim will be fine with it so long as he can have a pad of paper and enough candle light to draw by

Alex has no issues he has a book light

Give Nik a small flashlight and he is a happy 3 year old

I know QT wont care one way or the other

and Dave ... well he is not much for talking so I am sure he will happily join Zach in a near silent game of chess

What a lovely idea So for one hour we will turn off our electricity not just the lights

(after I talk with the gang of course) for more on Earth Hour check this out

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