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Monday, March 10, 2008

my worms

By Zach

Me ,and mom watched a show called wasted. At first I thought that it was a boring show about wasting money, but then as I got more into it I found out it was a really cool show. That is where mom got the idea for the worms. Well it was really cool and then I could not wait to get them. Dad looked all over so he could buy them,but he could not find any so we ordered them online. It was really cool when we got them. I had so much fun poking around to get them moving and separated especially the nervous ones. They move really fast when you poke them ZHOOOMMMM!!!

Thank you for reading my blog entry.



Vickie said...

Hi Zach,

It looks like you have alot of pets there! That show Wasted is made in New Zealand, where I live. I've never seen that show, but your Mom told me it's really interesting. Looks like you're very good at recycling and looking after the environment - more grown ups should be like you! Thanks for your blog entry, it was very well written.

Meghan said...

Where do you keep your worms, Zach? You should show us a picture of their home!

Tammy said...

I think it is great, Zach, that you are taking steps to keep the environment healthy! I also think that you are funny having pet worms. Keep up the great work!

Professor Brandenburg... said...

Hi Zack, Sue, and all.
I found this blog while reading Sue's comment after the article about low budget eco-friendly homes in Mother Earth News.

I have added you to my bookmarks since I very much like your blog. It's very interesting. Your're off to a great start!

I'm a Chemist living and working in upstate South Carolina and I'm also a webmaster, blogger, home-based environmentalist, and Vermicomposter.

Two of my websites that I make a good passive income with are:

I think everyone should give worm composting a try. It's such a fun way to recycle kitchen wastes, save energy, produce the best fertilizer in the world, grow fishing bait, get close to nature, and reduce disposal hassles (my garbage that does go into the landfill hardly ever stinks!)

Some tips I have, that you may already know, are: don't put citrus in your worm bin. The citrus oils can kill them. Also, worms don't like highly aromatic herbs or vegetable wastes like onions (onions have antibiotic properties too - not a good thing in the composting world).

Another problem I encountered when I started was when I overloaded my worm bin with too much kitchen scraps. This will cause "anaerobic conditions" to occur. This means low oxygen, and the bacteria that grow under low oxygen conditions will be the source of some bad odors. Plus the worms need oxygen and not too much moisture (excess moisture from scaps can encourage anaerobic conditions).

For anyone interested in an excellant book on the subject of worm composting, I highly recommend, "Worms Eat My Garbage" by Mary Appelhof. It's like the homeowner's Bible of worm composting.

I'm looking forward to your future posts. Keep up the good work and congratulations on being an earth-friendly family.