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Monday, March 10, 2008

The worms arrived

What neat "pet" to have in the house

Makes me laugh just thinking about it

Hello my name is Sue have you met my 8 year olds pet a box of worms?


cracks me up but then so do stupid puns

maybe I have been inside the house too long ...entirely possible

We are very happy to have our worms to start our adventure in vermiculture (the creation of worm poop for our plants) I find it a fascinating way to recycle our kitchen scraps. We have only had them a few days and already I have learned so much

first off it would have been better to have read ALL of the directions first before feeding the worms

second for more effective vermicomposting you have to chop up the scraps you try to give to your worms

yes we indeed put scraps of food (egg shells some spinach leaves and coffee grounds) inside the worm box without chopping them


oh well I covered them with dirt and left it alone

HAD I read the directions this was plainly mentioned

it was also stated that I should have let them "rest" for a week before trying to feed them

Good thing worms are very forgiving pets and they do not seem harmed by this in anyway

at least I did catch the part about not using water from a water softener on them so Zach has been melting snow to use to keep their environment damp he enjoys using a mister to spray the dirt and watching the worms crawl around

hopefully we will have time later in the week to build them a larger home.
Why worms?? well worms can get rid of our kitchen waste faster and more efficiently than any other form of composting. In WI having a compost pile in the winter months is difficult especially if the place that your pile is located is covered in hip deep snow I have tried other methods like using gallon ice cream buckets to save kitchen waste but that is ...well just nasty I am not going to keep a large bin outside my back door for several reasons first we have outside cats that would tear it apart and second we have a dog who would also knock it down and just make a huge mess
I thought that having an indoor worm bin would be very helpful in the winter time
I ordered them and read more about them and the more I read the more fascinated I have become they can eat basically everything and their droppings are the best non burning fertilizer available they condition soil and make a perfect compost for house plants and outdoor gardens
they also in the right conditions reproduce very fast so if I get more bins I automatically can have more worms to take care of as much soil as I want.
And well they are a fun and unique and low maintenance "pet"

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