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Friday, April 4, 2008

Alex's Post

Hello my name is Alex I am the oldest brother of the family and Mom wanted me to blog. I have decided to start something new in my area. You see it all started in science class when we were talking about the ozone layer and how pollution is causing the hole in it to get bigger and bigger and how soon if we do not do something about it really bad things will happen.

So then my teacher told me that our school does not recycle plastic or aluminum or cans or glass only paper. so I started to take some bottles out of the trash can so we can recycle them at home. I told my brothers on the bus about what happened in science class, my brother and Zach told me that there is one teacher at the school who will take recyclables if students bring them to his room.

This act has inspired me to form a group of like minded people who want to protect the Earth. so I called my friend and asked him if he was interested he agreed to join in to do things that we kids can do. On Monday I am going to talk to a teacher and to some other students to see if I can get more people in on it.

there are all kinds of things we can do ,pick up trash on the side of the road , collect plastic bottles at school for recycling , and get together to have kids get their parents to change things in their homes like using different light bulbs turning off lights and stuff like that.

I want to call my team

G -Force

The green force

IF you want to join go ahead there is lots kids can do

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