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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Green TV

Kinda makes you think of the theme song from Green Acres

Nope not that kind of TV

I love TV I mean I am a TVaddict in my family we watch A LOT of TV except when the weather is nice out then we go outside

being in Northern WI it gets cold here and I am not really into hanging out in a snow suit and taking 5 kids outside the time everyone finds socks, mittens and thier favorite hat gets into thier dry pair of boots and gets scolded for the MILLIONTH time to put thier wet boots someplace where they will dry well by then I am in NO mood to go outside

so in the winter TV and the internet are my escapes

My personal favorite green TV programs are

Wa$ted I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show it is done in New Zealand it is funny creative and appeals to a family. It speaks to the ten year old TomBoy in all of us...

Wa$ted talks about going green and saving energy and money not be making sacrifices but by changing your thinking in how you do things I LOVE that approach. And on the awesome side for those interested an American version is coming out later this year on the new Planet Green Channel that will be part of the Discovery channel family... Zach is very excited and he wants to take part in this but Dave said ...ummm NO

here is thier website if you are interested in checking them out

Another show I got caught up in was Dumped it is on the BBC America channel.

This premiss was interesting to say the very least they had a group of people who applied for a survivor like challange they were driven first to thier beautiful castle with luxury accomidations fabulous place they were given very vague instructions "work together form a team blah blah" you get the idea then they were driven to thier destination the windows were blacked out so they could not see where they would end up

they were dropped off at a dump

at this Dump they were told is everything you need to survive
To buy food you need to sort through trash to get money they were educated in how to do this and what trash would bring them the most money

they had to build a shelter out of trash

it was a neat ..all be it gross way of looking at things

The only thing provided for them was hot water for sanitary conditions they even had to make thier own composting toilet

I only got to see 2 episodes of this show but it was worth a look at just to see the dynamics of a group of people forced to live with what people throw away.

Invention nation is a good show I am not thrilled myself with the hosts I think they stick too close to the stereotype of people who are interested in "green" technology I mean when presented with a fascinating tidbit of information you would think that a host of show could come out with something better to say that "Far out"

Going Green with Sarah Snow is another show I like many of the things presented on here she does make this more mainstream and more for those just starting out and also she shows neat ways to live a very upscale life and still be green.

Dave said the cutest thing to me last night he said "I am actually starting to like these shows they are interesting" .. I resisted and did not say "TOLD YOU SO"

I have yet to see something that speaks specifically to ME and my family Wa$ted comes the closest but I want something more I would like to see a show that shows more details of these green tech ideas and also shows it being MORE accessible to the average joe work for your paycheck and hope nothing bounces before next payday kinda person.... I need to think about this but I really believe we need more shows that can illustrate what the average person who can't afford a $100 made from organic cotton shirt can do

and something that will make it LOCAL for people in that area to get involved

a show that will answer questions like what to do with the styrofoam or where do I take my old electronics to recycle

A show that will demonstrate to the novice gardener the ease of organic gardening and give them tips and ways to fix common problems

and how to weatherstrip your house for cheap

get out the duct tape!!! (well it is what I use when in a bind works like a charm too!)

Guess I could add videos to here to show how to do these things but I need questions to answer first .....


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