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Friday, May 9, 2008

Boys and I are building a Compost heap

I have managed my worms badly and I need to adjust how I am handling them
Also our large family goes through more food scraps than the worms could easily handle
SO I have decided that since the boys are I are home today we will build a compost heap next to the garden to handle the excess. I will take pictures of this lovely process and show them soon

this compost heap will handle things like
grass clippings
Chicken poop (chickens are being ordered by dear Dave today)
Pig Poop(we hope to get pigs this year I mean we really want them bad I can already taste the home smoked bacon!)
kitchen scraps
dog poo
and cat poo from the litter box with the Feline Pine litter , did I mention again how much I LOVE feline pine awesome stuff really inexpensive and works so much better than regular clumping litter AND good for the environment and my cat who could ask for anything more!

We are stuck home because the baby (our little QT) has an undiagnosed rash which because of his first symptoms it was suspected he might have Measles (EEEKKK) but now it looks like it is not measles we are still waiting for results from the state lab which is taking FOREVER and the poor kid will be better before we know what the heck he has!

I hope he gets well soon because nothing gets done when the baby is sick he wants to be held all the time poor baby feels miserable.
So I have been on the phone with nurses the health department he had a whole ton of tests run I have looked at pictures of assorted rashes (did you know that most rashes look alike?) I have been told it could be anything from contact dermititis to measles to a reaction to amoxcicillin basically they will know what it is once his rash goes away based on how fast he recovers and how the rash goes away

how pleasant
I hate it when the kids are sick it just sucks

So the boys and I will trade off who will be stuck inside with the baby and who will go outside to do assorted work around the place where the compost heap will be

I think that Zach and I will also work on fixing the worm bin to make it a better place for the worms to make them happier so they do thier job better (I screwed up added too much dirt oh well live and learn and next time read the directions !)

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