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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

look out world I am hatching a new plan

Dave and I have been talking for a few years about a greenhouse now when Dave and I talk about anything we do not mean some little plastic covered hoop house

we mean a glass wall greenhouse heated only by passive solar energy where we could harvest salad greens in the winter time and start our seeds and things some place other than my window sills (I think it is because the living room and dining room and the big boys bedroom looks like a jungle that he is eneven more interested in the idea.

So he told me to research it

Silly Dave dont tell me something is possible I can come up with ALL KINDS of naughty ideas that are only going to hurt your poor back and take up your vacation time

poor Dave

So here is my idea so far from what I have found online and have read

Alright On one side an angled glass wall (double glazed meaning two layers of glass) on the back wall I have not decided yet whether I want to go with a wall of water, where the hell am I gonna find square containers ?? I mean I could use coffee cans, I guess neat idea better hang onto that one I bet I could get some from freecycle and some from my friendly neighborhood garbage man, basically the building would be longer than it is wide and it would have a black painted half wall of either coffee cans painted black or some other material possible cement blocks or maybe even hay bales that have been covered in adobe I will leave this idea up to Dave I mean I have to let the poor dear decide some things for me.

I would need a door and a framework of wood (we would have to pay for the wood) and I would need to insulate the thing (we have a lot of that foam insulation on the side of the house)

so it is another thought in another day of trying to find a way to not only save us money but a neat way to get my family more green with our eating

my goal in building these kinds of structures though would be to use things we either already have or things we can get that we would be saving from landfills

I also like to use things that others do not think to use
Great it is bedtime and now my mind is all a twitter with ideas guess I better get out a pad and paper and draw a bit


Maisie said...

Sue, I really enjoy reading your blog so have given you a blog awrd aee my blog for details

Sue said...

thank you so much!!!!