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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Brown Eyed Susan's Garden Center

That is what Zach wants me to name my garden center he wants me to start a garden store the boy may be on to something LOL

Another day and another bag of dirt

I made Dave buy me more cups for transplanting the plants I had some seeds started in the bottoms of milk jugs and well I had to move them because my way of starting seeds is I put in a bunch of dirt I toss in the seeds I mix it up well and then I add water

in a few days I have plants

Well I was transplanting more plants today (more cantaloupes and pumpkins) Dave had bought me 40 cups so I asked him to count the plants we had in the house

here is the conversation

me" hey hon go count the plants I think we have too many"
Him "I cant count that high"

me "use some trigonometry and work it out I need to know how many of each plant we have!"

him "yes dear"

said of course with a smile and a wink he adores me because I am so damn cute so of course he does whatever I ask

that and I bet curiosity was driving him nuts

So here are the details on our little home grown jungle

Mind you this does not count any flowers or herbs or any of the plants that I am propagating (cuttings stuck in water and left in a window sill)

So far here are my numbers

Roma 48
Big Boy16
Jelly bean 22

Cucumbers (straight eight variety)

Cantaloupe (Hales Best)

Sugar baby 10
Congo 5
Crimson Sweet(we did not count these yet)

Triple Treat 36
Jack O Lantern 7

See why I can't wait for planting !! I am overrun with plants and that is not even all of them
I will make up some flyer's tomorrow and Dave and I will set up a temporary shelter for the plants and move some outside to the shelter I figure I might be able to sell them for 2$ a plant I hope

Dave ordered my chickens today

we worked on the compost heap and the garden today
The boys and I did not do such a good job on the compost heap and Dave does not have a ton of time so we have been going outside for about an hour after dinner on nights when we can

The boys have little league (baseball) now so at least 2 nights a week is spent doing that and Tim has his tap dance recital this week

School will be out in about 2 weeks then I will have my darlings home all the time to help out around here

It is so exciting so many lovely things going on and so much promise the year still has

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