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Friday, May 16, 2008

The excitement builds

Slowly but surely things take shape. For me this is a hard time because I want to get so much done but other things get in the way like ... dishes...laundry ...feeding the children ..... sleep etc

I can't go outside with just Nik and QT they are too little to stay close and listen and the work that needs to be done outside right is big heavy stuff (that I can do) I cannot get it done while making sure they are safe

They don't nap at the same time so getting things like tilling or digging posts done just does not happen

By the time my big boys get home (4pm) we have a little time to get them going on their homework and get one of them to keep an eye on the little guys so I can get something done

Dave gets home later so we eat and then after dinner try to get outside for about an hour to get something done

unless we have baseball...or dance ... Dave works late...or the boys have a lot of homework...or it rains

Sunday Dave has a day off of work (this week he usually works Sundays) so we will get more stuff done on that day the frost warnings are still not over with for our area so if we do plant anything we would also have to put up the big plastic tarps as well

I am one of those kinds of people that just wants it all done yesterday

so having to wait for everything to get going and get done really frustrates me because I want it finished and growing

I know that my dream and my goals will take a few years to actually happen but it still annoys me that I can't force Dave to take vacation time while the big boys are home so we can get things done

but I know them if they had time off at the same time they would clean the garage and then go fishing


djs0925 said...


Do you receive Countryside magazine? There's an article in the current issue about someone with a glass greenhouse connected to their house with a door. They use the heat from the greenhouse to help heat their house in the winter. Maybe another point to use for your cause?


Sue said...

We are looking in to that right now we just dont have the money for the grrenhouse off the side of the house

Our south facing wall of our house is the narrow side of the building the best place for it will be where we will have the passive solar hot water heater so for now we will not be able to do that but connected to the house would be a dream of mine I love the Mitchell park Domes and I always wanted to own my own LOL