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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Busy weekend OUCH

The boys and I worked in the garden and built ourselves a "greenhouse" basically it is just a bunch of scrap wood with some heavy duty plastic vapor barrier on it

Here is my Zach who has claimed this warm place as his own enjoying the warmer temps on a very windy Sunday when the outside temperature was maybe 43 degrees F and windy and damp inside the little shelter it was 72 and with a light breeze NICE

Isn't he a goof so cute and such a character

We have so many plants I have had Alex put up signs in local bulletin boards advertising that we have extras and I offered some to the nursing home where Dave works the boys and I will go there when it is warmer and plant vegetables with residents who are interested in gardening and throughout the summer we will work with them taking care of their garden. I also offered some extras to Zach's teacher as her end of the year gift now I just have to convince her to come with her husband to pick them up LOL

Dave also saw that there is a local Habitat for Humanity group looking for plants for their own plant sale to support their efforts so I have decided that if in two weeks I don't sell any plants then I will donate them there. it gives to a good cause and at least the plants will go for good use

We did so much work this weekend Dave has been mowing our property to clear away the bunches of weeds and things he cleared up some of the previous owners old rusty barbed wire fence and it is looking great things are shaping up

Here is a walk around my property Starting at the top of the hill looking down toward the house

Then there is a view of the side of the hill down there are a LOT of piles of old wood from the previous owner this year we are planning on finishing up cleaning out the wood whatever is rotted beyond use will get burned at a bonfire and the rest will get stored in the barn for use later

As I walked around today I saw something I love finding life growing up from under the old grass but this life is lovely edible wild strawberries!! yummie I have found tons of strawberries on the roadside but no Asparagus such a bummer Dave and the boys loves asparagus

This is a view of the barn from this hill beyond the barn is the chicken houses we have one for meat birds and one for the egg birds we get our chickens SOON!!

Our veggie garden is closer to the house I tilled 3 more small beds and had 2 already tilled and sitting waiting for me Dave mowed down the grass and weeds in the garden and between the boys and I we have gotten most of the bigger stuff out of the way. Zach and I planted lettuce today it was nice to plant something outside instead of all of the seeds I have started in the house

over the course of the week our weather will start to warm up by next weekend we should have temps during the day regularly in the 70s I am very excited I am sick of the cold

Soon very soon my indoor jungle of plants will get moved outside and we will be able to have things growing out in the garden that should at least see us through most of the winter without having to shop much at least for vegetables and fruits!

To give you a better idea of just HOW much we have we had with our seeds

With Nik I planted Pumpkins only one seed packet of pumpkin seeds he was excited and I set them to grow I transplanted those seedlings to larger pots

we have 36 pumpkin plants

I also planted peppers several kinds some red ones some yellow ones and some jalapenos


so far I have about 20 red peppers transplanted

That does not even count half the other stuff we have growing.

I told Dave that I am afraid I might be doing something wrong with my plants he said "I would hate to find out that you have missed a step that would make them grow better we are already overrun. if these things grow any better I will have to move out to the tent! "

I did suggest that we move our bed because it is after all right in front of a large south facing window

You should have seen the look of disgust I got from my dear beloved I guess there is a limit to the darling mans patience and relocating his bed for the sake of my plants is the limit

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