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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Some cool stuff

Well we broke down and got our worm Bin it is much nicer than just having a plastic storage bin and I quite certain it will be more efficient

Also the most awesome news EVER

We got 3 really great hot water tanks from old hot water heaters for free from a friend of ours our "local friendly neighborhood junk man" he traded those for some smaller diameter tires for his truck in his attempt to improve his gas mileage

SO with the addition of the tanks we are one step closer to our goal of building our solar hot water heater we have the spot picked out ...we have the tanks... even in this spot there is already existing pipes heading to the hot water tank (from the outdoor wood burning furnace) so now we just need some time and some black paint. I guess I better look into finding some free wood pallets for building the encasement hmmmm better give freecycle a shot

I need to make more diapers I have enough cloth diapers to last for a day and half but that does not work out well since it takes a good amount of time for the darn things to line dry and our temperatures are cool and damp this time of year so since I can't reliably line dry outside in the hot sunshine..I need more diapers

too bad time is not on my side with this project Nik the 3 year old has been extremely ...well a 3 year old hurricane of destruction . any mom of a boy who survived past 3 understands just how destructive that can be

QT is sick with an ear infection and a fever (poor baby) and well when he is sick all he wants to do is be held and nursed so cutting fabric and sewing things just does not work well

Oh my garden

goodness ..I wanted this weekend to have a compost bin built outside next to the garden and to have Dave and the boys clean up some of the debris out in the garden just to show what I am up against here is a pic of my "garden" The small section in the lower right hand corner of on of the pictures is where I started to scratch to find dirt under 2 years of weeds and grass. and of course I had to show off destructo boy Nik

indoors we are loosing the battle of the tomato plant I am out of potting soil even though I was using over 1/2 a jug of garden dirt to pot the tomatoes I am using Gallon jugs to plant them because the 16oz cups got too small the plants were a tangle of roots and are getting happy in the gallon jugs ..of course they are enormous!
We also finally have pumpkin plants and watermelon plants and cucumber plants and cantaloupe and shockingly enough even the jalapeno plants are doing well
if I can keep them alive for another month inside we will be able to move them outside so over the next month my job will be to clean up the mess of weeds you see in the above picture and turn it into raised beds with grass walkways in between get a fence put up with a gate and I would LOVE an arbor and get compost heaps built to handle the chicken poo and pig poo and veggie scraps that the worms cannot do as well as yard waste and other things
all while chasing after destructo boy and holding on to little QT
I am tired just thinking about it


djs0925 said...


Thanks so much for everything. The pictures are great! I can't wait to try it, but it will be awhile-til spring field work is done. Unless it rains. But we don't need much more of that here in west central WI.

Sue said...

West Central WI where exactly I live near Rhinelander we just got rid of our snow a week ago so things are greening up nicely. I am trying to talk my Dave into getting our garden tilled but first I have to mark off where I want raised beds

djs0925 said...

I live near Melrose which is between LaCrosse and Black River Falls. Sounds like we're a little ahead of you as far as being in the fields, but I haven't gotten anything in my garden yet. That seems to be last on the list--the "big garden" (corn & soybeans) come first. Besides, I think it's still a little too cold out for my poor little plants. And since I buy my tomato and some other plants I'm going to wait til after Mother's Day. The local nursery is such a zoo this time of year!