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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

my family is weird

My boys never stop amazing me in their abilities and ideas they are such a cool group they have been waiting for other people to call to join their group "G Force" I told them that if they want others to join them they have to actually DO something

So I sent them on a walk last night before dinner to pick up along the roadside I told them if anyone asks what you are doing tell them about G Force

Zach is such a funny duck he listens to his teacher tell him about the Ozone hole and he figured out what he wants to do as a biologically friendly scientist
he wants to genetically alter Venus fly traps to go into space to eat the hole and then have them come back to earth to eat the garbage

I need a shocked face smiley right here

I had to explain to him that while his idea of solving the problem was admirable and his desire is pure and sweet genetic alteration of carnivorous plants is probably not the best solution I said the best solution is trying to teach others to learn to live on less..

Then while watching the news we saw more problems with food shortages and things around the world Zach said he is scared that things will get bad here as well. He wants me to grow wheat to grind our own flour and "grow yeast" so I can keep making bread because he loves the bread I make and wants to never have to live without it

(tugs at your heart strings don't it?)

My husband then in his own sweetness also thought this was a great idea till i explained to him the amount of work growing wheat would take and how we live in the wrong area and how we don't have enough land for that and I would rather economize in other areas and put my energies into something that would net us the most food for my time and efforts.
Zach did spend a great amount of time last night playing a game he found out about at school it is a vocabulary game and for every correct answer you donate a certain amount of grain to a starving nation here is the site Even if it turns out to be a scam at least the kiddo gets to improve his vocabulary he felt such a sense of accomplishment last night he "donated" over 3 thousand grains of rice he was so proud. it is a neat game to play. and I do hope that people actually get to see the rice he worked for hard for!

My sons Tim and Alex have come up with a fascinating idea they want to produce a short movie and call it

The Timinator

They will have my son Tim dressed up like this

He is so cute .. OK their idea is to make a series of short films staring the Timinator who will champion the green efforts of others and punish (jokingly) those who do things that are bad for the environment ..For example one film they have an idea for will deal with people littering from their cars

I star as the stunt driver the boys will have the Timinator standing on the roadside watching as a van (my van) drives up and someone throws a can out the car window to the road side the Timinator will then pull from his coat a cardboard tube made to look like a big bazooka gun and we will then clip into a scene where a van (obviously a different van) is getting blown up the Timinator then turns to the camera and says in true Timinator fashion

"I don't like it when people litter" the closing credits will include the disclaimer

"No minivans were hurt in the filming of this movie"

"The can was recycled"

"join G-Force"

My kids are funny guys they are trying to come up with other ideas as well the hope to be the next Internet sensation just remember their mommy bragged about it first!

I have to say I hate one thing about line drying clothes with little kids around

First off I have to drag my little kids with me (Nik is dangerous when left alone) and I have to either wait for QT to nap which he only lately likes to do while being held by me because he is very sick with ear infections OR I have to wait till the big boys get home from school by then it is too late for the clothes to get dry on the line because we only have daytime highs of about 55 degrees with afternoon rain showers

heavy sigh

I will dry my clothes inside instead we got a good warm fire going to take the chill out of the air for the baby and because He has been so sick and I am short on cloth diapers we have gone back to disposable for now till I have more time to make some more diapers for him he is sitting next to me in his play chair making tons of happy noises so I am hopeful that he is on the mend

So this week we have to order our chickens and Dave wants to do Turkeys too (eeekkkk!) and he is going to talk to someone at work about getting pigs from them (I LOVE having our own pigs they are so tasty! and smoking our own bacon OMG heaven!)

only 3 more weeks and I can plant this stuff outside WOOHOOO This weekend is Mothers day and I am getting more fruit trees for Mothers day ! I am so excited I love fruit trees

I bet you can tell from this post that my kids get this weirdness from their parents!

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