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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

stuff stuff stuff to catch up

It has been SUCH a busy week

Aside from some tummy bug that almost the entire family has had (already too much information for the average reader YUCK) I have been doing some spring cleaning

for this family spring cleaning will take the next few months

Some areas of the world are well into spring and summertime temps
tonight we are supposed to be getting a hard freeze again
I am hopeful that the modifications I have taken with our "greenhouse" will keep the 13 large tomato plants from freezing here are the modifications
I duct taped any loose plastic together so there were no holes are places for wind to get in
Then I added gallon jugs of water around the bases of the plants bunching the plants into the center and then around them a wall of water jugs
Then I took black plastic garbage bags and covered the jugs of water with the black plastic to absorb more heat
the back wall of the green house also has black plastic bags stapled on the back of it
at night we cover the whole mess in another layer of a green tarp
So the biggest tomato plants are all tucked in for the night
We finally FINALLY have the compost pile all set up and prepared
The boys and I have a goal (yes I know another one)
but here it is
We want to only have to take out the trash once every other day
We figure with recycling, cloth diapering ,composting food scraps we should be able to accomplish this
and now just a few of the reasons we are so anxious for spring planting to take place outside!!

So many plants

I started the tomatoes on March 14th note to self for next year start LESS tomatoes and start them about 2 weeks later!

Should have started the pepper plants earlier they are tiny

Jalapeno peppers are doing well I only have 5 of those LOL

lots and LOTS of cucumber plants

among others I am very anxious to reclaim the flat surfaces in our house

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