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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

WOW the plants outside survived!

I am impressed with my own building skills The tomatoes survived a night outside in the greenhouse and temperatures here dipped to 32 degrees last night

I checked them this morning they were all perky and nice a toasty tucked in their humid green house

I really am pleased with this and I look forward to actually building a more permanent greenhouse structure .

I attended a school board meeting last night at the school. boring and mundane as usual however one interesting thing to point out about a our small school many small rural schools in America they are broke and having a hard time finding the pennies to make ends meet this often means cutting programs and corners wherever they can to find ways to meet the needs of the students that are still there

Now for the interesting part

I actually heard(which is hard for me I am hard of hearing) two administrative members discussing looking into alternative energy sources for the school

I am THRILLED and I hope they do this
I plan on trying my best to attend more meetings

when I find out that they are happening Our school board meetings are not regular occurrences they change all the time and it is kinda a joke about how no one ever knows when they really are happening

Another neat little thing a former student of mine (I used to be the drama coach at the high school ) is coming to visit me she wants to enter this contest about greener living and wants to pick my brain

I also was hostess for a short period of time yesterday afternoon to two teachers I gave them some of my plants because one of them is Zach's classroom teacher and I like to give teachers gifts at the end of the school year as a thank you to them for working so hard for so long for so little with MY boys I figure the least I can do is give them a gift they can use

Both of the teachers(a married couple) are science teachers at our school both were shocked at the amount of plants I have because very flat surface with light has a plant on it

he also told me how to make an automatic indoor irrigation system for the plants I need to have him write down directions or take pictures or show me what he made so I can do that

of course I don't know what would happen to my house if all these plants got all the water they needed all the time it already looks like a jungle with me watering them every day as needed oh my

Zach and his class have a play coming up next week called "down in the dumps" Zach gets to be the character "Compost" (along with 2 other kids) this should be cute I made the costume for "Mother Nature" bright colors lots of yellow really pretty I can't wait

I love class plays

Oh and QT is walking now not all the time but enough that he is trying his upright human legs he is so proud of himself I love watching kids grow and learn new things it is part of what makes being a mom so terrific

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