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Friday, June 13, 2008

Control over my food

What I like about growing our own food and producing our own meat is the sense of control I feel over it all.

I know that I cannot produce everything on our small farm we have only 4 acres however there are plenty of small local farmers around here who do produce the things I cannot like beef cattle and dairy farms nearby.

It has always been my dream to do two things with my life first I wanted to become a huge star of the musical theater stage performing in London (I went there once and sat in the audience) and New York. Then I wanted to drop out of limelight have a ton of kids and settle down to a rural quiet life raising everything on my palacial estate!

well my estate is large (for me) and with any luck this year I will b able to produce a good amount of food for me and my large family of 5 boys and a hubby LOL

Dave and i were talking this morning as he left for work we have a deck full of plants that need to either get into the ground or be sold since no one has responded to our signs I will have to get them into the ground

so Dave is going to till me up some new ground for gardening because my current garden is full we will plant everything and any extras we will just have to sell

It rained here for several days and the sun just came out everything looks so lush and green

I am really excited to go look at the Angora Goats to check them out I wonder if the farmer will let me take pictures of them. This guys website is so neat and the goats are so beautiful. I know some people have a hard time seeing animals as beautiful especially farm animals some people dont expect them to smell or they dont want to hear about how the animals are slaugtered for food eventually well to those who are thinking about a self sustaining life and are planning on keeping animals I will tell you what I told my son

Our animals need things from us they need dry safe comfortable shelter
they need fresh clean cool water and they need dry good food

We also need to know that all creatures poop and all poop stinks you pick it up and you move on if you dont like picking up poop then farm life is not for you. I am not saying that I LOVE to pick up poop but I do it becuase it has to be done

where some see poop I see fertilizer!

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