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Friday, June 13, 2008

Sad update

Our grown chickens were attacked last night by something our hen yard was dug into and since the door was due to get fixed this weekend the hen house was open and something got in and ate 11 birds one is left and she has a broken toe and is pretty shook up today

Zach is alright not thrilled he really loved the big birds and was out there last night before dark with them he is mad and wants to hunt whatever got at his chickens

I say we just fix up the damn hen yard and hen house like I have been telling people to get done around here I do not have the carpentry skills nor the ability with tools and things to get the work done

after all that is why I got married so I would not have to mess with that BS so today we are (that is the boys and I) digging a trench around the hen yard putting in the barbed wire to discourage an animal from digging in and then we are going hopefully find some good hinges and rehang the chicken door.

Then we need to get to work on the other two yards for animals

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