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Monday, June 23, 2008

I need to knock off the "To Do" lists

They are going to kill me I swear they will

I am a real BIG time overacheiver always have been I also suffer from being really smart and having a naturally high energy (so why oh why are'nt I skinny? oh yeah I forgot I have that whole eat a ton of food thing going on ..and a severe addiction to chocolate)

well with these combinations I tend to "overdo" just about everything

I have mentioned the tomatoes I am not even counting them anymore all I know is it is over 100 tomato plants something like 15 or so cucumber plants roughly 15 pumkin plants approximately 20 watermelon plants and the list goes on and on

I also have another problem and that is severe impatience nothing ever happens fast enough for my tastes which is a shame really

I should learn to "stop and smell the roses" but I want everything DONE and set up the way I want it yesterday

Along with the short growing season I have kids 5 kids 2 of whom are too young to really be of a great deal of help and who need thier mommy to stop acting like super woman

Here are the things I want to be able to

I want my house clean ALL the time I mean beautifully clean non cluttered etc I understand the dirt I get dust I understand that things accumulate however piles of stuff everywhere has to stop it is non productive

I want my garden and yard to be pretty and productive
I want an herb garden not just an herb planter a full garden to grow all kinds of things (speaking of which I need more chamomile seeds)
I want to be able to do all those cool things I talked about during the cold weather but I constantly feel like I am racing with time

I get up at 6am (roughly during the week) and by the time I get the two older boys off to summer school (taking an extra math class to get better at thier skills) get breakfast for myself and the younger ones get out to the chicks to do the assorted things there come back nurse the baby change a diaper etc I already feel like most of my day has gone by and I have not been "productive" enough

silly isn't it? I KNOW I work I work hard my Dear beloved says I have the hardest job in the world (he is asleep on the couch as we speak waiting for me to wake him to go to bed it is almost midnight now)

So why do I keep making those damn lists!! I know part of it is to try to prioritize the things that need to be done

and I know that when I make the lists I give some of the chores to the boys and they do thier best to knock out a few of the things on the list

but seriously I would need a staff to accomplish everything I want to do in a day

or 2 or 3 days

So will I stop making lists
no probably not I will keep making them and keep feeling crappy for not being able to cross off everything

I once tried the reverse list idea this is where you instead of making a list of things TO do in a day you make a list of the things you HAVE done already in a day

but my arm got cramps from all that writing

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