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Sunday, June 22, 2008

I have been very ungreen today

I had to sorry I just had to so here it is my major BIG time confession I hope you won't hold it against me but I just have to get this off my chest

My front deck (porch) looked horrific I mean nasty I want it to look nice and pretty or at least not have cat poop on it (I have cats that live on my deck)

So I set about this morning before making my family breakfast to clean the messy deck

oh dear I got the recycling off it and after a while of shifting between bags and listening to the kids whine through the window about wanting thier pancakes I just went to one bag and tossed and tossed and tossed and tossed

and then I swept and cleaned things and moved things and found large plastic boxes for my rummage sale tons of things how cool is that

in the process of cleaning I found a nice hanging basket!

I put up my broken bird bath one side of it broke off but it still holds water so I put it against the deck right under the solar powered lighted address sign and stuck a cute little turtle candle holder in it

my deck looks much nicer now

I then came inside because of the pouring rain
and worked with my Tim (who was so sweetly making the pancakes for us) to get breakfast finished

and then I also commited more green sins (she hangs her head in shame) I went about to clean the 8 year olds bedroom. Now anyone who has an 8 year old boy who has his own toys his 3 year old brothers toys plus whatever toys his older bros dont want not to mention other things that this little mini pack rat has (I really have no idea where he gets that from!) OH my My Zachhas so many things I dont even know what half of them are

so much ofit went into
(gasp) lawn adn leaf bags I feel so crappy about it but he did not want it and I dont know what to do with some of it I have a bag and a half of toys and garbage and 2 big boxes of toys for rummage sale

I felt so guilty I told the oldest Dear boy (Alex) to go through the bags tomorrow to see if some of those toys some other child might want I mean some kid must want toy parts (mega blocks kinda things but they are sets that are missing peices)

So that has been my non green day today which makes me feel bad so I must attone for these sins against the environment and here is how I am doing that

I took all of the plants that no one wanted to buy and with the help of my dear beloved Dave and his talent with small engines he got part of the front yard tilled up our friends were over for a picnic and they helped me plant the remaining things we had that would fit I still have some more to go but that will have to wait a few more days

Dave found a marvelous thing at the dump some 55 gallon drums and he snagged one for our rain barrel for the garden
I posted some things on my local freecycle group to get them out of my house AND saved from a dump 2 items were taken AND I also found good homes for 3 of the 6 kittens we are getting rid of

So see I am trying and after all that is what matters! No one should really feel super guilty about things they should do the green thing because it is a part of how things should be done and it is fun

I can't wait till tomorrow I will put up for sale some broken toys of my sons on e-Bay as well as some obscure player baseball cards if I get any money for them I will be thrilled but I am hopefull I get a LOT cause I will try to make the post a funny one

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