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Monday, June 30, 2008

Just a few things about the garden

I know you might be getting sick of hearing about it but would you rather I discuss the nasty smell from cleaning out the baby chicks cage? I think not

SO we will talk about the garden and what I am doing out there

Every day I head outside put on my bug spray (does not matter how much garlic I eat or how many vitamin B1 tablets I swallow Mosquitoes LOVE me so bug spray is my way of not being driven INSANE) and cover up with 3/4 legnth sleeves and my big gardening hat I find my wet work gloves (Thanks boys for leaving them in the mud puddle again) and I find my assorted tools for weeding and such

and I head out to survey my plantings

First stop is the side of the deck where I have some tomatoe plants and some peppers and in the tires are potatoes I swear there are some in there

I then look at my pretty flowers I started all of those from seed I also check my upside down hanging tomato plant in it's homemade "topsy turvy" planter. next I look at my tiered garden to see how my mother's day plants are doing as well as some flower seeds I started in the green sink I swear I will one day put the fountain pump I bought for it!

I have celery and Cucumbers in one small bed together the cukes are starting to creep up the pretty trellis I have for them

I then check out my corn and cantaloupe and swear to weed out the corn bed and finish planting the cantaloupe I have

I also glance quickly at the Black seeded simpson lettuce it is doing very well!

I have more cucumbers back there that need a trellis Dave keeps promising to get one set up for me (Chicken wire and wood but he has been very busy with work) now time to check all my tomatoes
I am looking for the usual things when I survery my garden bug or animal damage growth flowers gernal condition of the plant,weeds do they need water etc

usually it only requires some putzing I know this garden will not be as good as gardens I have planned for the future I look at this one as the start of the others A test garden if you will on a grand scale I see my little beds laid out and I imagine them as they will be in a few years

in a few years I will have sides built up around them so they are truly raised beds

each bed will have grass cuttings around the plants to keep the weeds down I have started this this year and it works SOOO well and adds so much to the soil it keeps the soil moist keeps out weeds and adds nitrogen to the dirt

I also will have walking stones in my grass pathways we have not gotten the concrete yet this year to make them but the boys and I have been gathering things to put in them marbles small toys etc to make them pretty my hope is to have each boy make a couple of them each year and then my garden will have a path that will be of my boys and will save me from mowing !!

my garden is a labor of love I look at the carrots planted by Tim who I told to plant them in a straight line he got anxious and dumped half the seed pack (I understand this desire I have done it myself) so as the carrots get bigger I will separate them I have done it before tedious but it works and we get lots of carrots this way

When I garden I am reminded of my mom she wore a funny hat too but hers was to keep the sun out her eyes not off her skin I wear my hat for fear of sunburn she just liked big floppy hats

I am reminded of talks with my brother who Gardens Leo we talk plants and weeds and herbs and all kinds of things he is an herbalist and knows so many neat things I found yarrow growing on my land and I told him about it and he was excited "you got neosporin in a plant that stuff is great make a poultice..." neat conversations like that

and as I garden when my boys are around I make sure to tell them the things I know we spread the grass to keep the weeds out we plant the marigolds cause they are pretty and keep the bad bugs away from the tomatoes and we plant Peppers with them for the same reason blah blah blah on and on and I know someday they will share that memory with thier kids

I can talk so nicely about them cause they are all in bed asleep LOL

Our Garden is a family effort they all help Dave helped plant too His Dad and his mom helped us with and our friends were here and they helped as well (I really overdid it with the plants I was not exaggerating!)

I see so much in my little garden beds I see speghetti dinners when it is cold outside or homemade pizza dippers with our own sauce and bread listening to the kids tell me "this is the best meal EVER" (my oldest says that at every meal)

Every time I go out there I putz around and make it a touch better each time weeding here and there.. looking at things putting in mulch ...snipping off a bit of this and that..

I really enjoy my garden

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