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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Funny observation about my obsession

well it is funny to ME I dont know if anyone else will enjoy this but who knows!

I was outside today laying down some mown and dried grass as my mulch around my tomatoes and pulling up assorted weeds and things I noticed that my signs for each of my garden beds were not holding up as well as I had hoped they would

yes I made signs for each garden bed ...WHY?? Sue would you make signs well for several reasons

I have a notoriously poor memory

and even when I do remember something no one belives me so they tend to do things like tell me I am wrong and then pick a pumkin insisting it is a watermelon (this has happened no lie)

So I label my garden bed

there are many ways to label a garden bed you can make signs you paint some wood signs you put out those little stake things

well I put 4 foot wood stakes in my garden and then stapled seeds packs to them

NOt just ANY seed packs (yes I saved the empty seed packs) I saved the seed packs from the plants I planted and then covered them in clear contact paper to protect them from the elements

SO now you have the details and hopefully this will explain the actual funny part

I was out there looking at my signs and noticing that some of them are fading meaning that the clear contact paper was not sealed completely around the edges and it got some water inside it

So I casually mention to my dear long suffering Dave that next time I make them I will use a low setting on the iron to seal the edges of the signs

Poor Dear Dave gave me a look like I am a dangerous obsessed person and said "You won't iron my work clothes but you will iron seed packs"

I looked at him very simply and said "yeah neat huh?"

(I hate ironing)

So yes I will iron seed packs so my garden looks pretty I am weird

really really weird

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