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Thursday, June 12, 2008

oh the ups and downs

I got some good news and I got some not so good news Good news is we got chickens again so we are really a farm again !! I am so excited I mean we have been a farm by having plants and all but now we are REALLY a chicken farm complete with 72 baby chicks for eggs and meat and 12 full grown hens we bought from a farmer getting out of the chicken bussiness We brought the adult chickens to chicken heaven in comparison to what they were living in but that is a whole other story and I wont bore you all with my opinion of how animals should be raised because many people are not lucky enough to have the money or space to do what I can do. Here are pictures and video of my girls (and boys)
I would post a video of the big girls in the hen house but it takes so long for these things to upload I am just going to leave it alone for now I have other work to do!

Zach is thrilled with the chickens he loves animals and loves to take care of them

Bad news
is it is raining again I know there are lots of places desperate for rain we like rain but things are really wet here and I dont have my rain barrels yet!! grrrr so I watch it all pool and come down and I want that water !! Also with it raining as much as it has been I can't work in the garden and I can't get my teired flower/herb garden built which stinks cause I have a lot of plants that need to get into the dirt

our shipment arrived from Spring HIll Nursery our indoor exotic fruit trees are here cleaning my inside air and looking all pretty granted they are tiny and one arrived with some pretty serious bug damage but since I am good at getting dead twigs to grow I think they should do alright now they just need some sunlight! (they are under my plant lights right now)

Zach has a new TV show he likes to watch my mini environmentalist loves the show LIving with Ed he thinks Rachelle is cranky and that Ed is funny and so cool we sent them an E-mail because Zach really wants to have lunch with Ed like the people on the show do I had to explain to Zach that the people who are having lunch with Ed have paid a lot of money to auctions where Lunch with Ed is the prize they get for thier donation. he looked kinda sad but who knows !!

GOOD NEWS a dear friend of mine (hi Nadine if you are reading this) thinks I should write a book on simple ways to go greener she also thinks Zach should write childrens books with simple pictures and tips on things kids can do to save the planet and energy and money I think it is awesome a very cool idea and now I have a billion and one things floating in my head of things to do for writing

Bad news the new to me washing machine I got off of freecycle went to pot . major bummer we have not been able to do wash for days (except by hand in the sink) sad really, Dave got the correct part ordered and we are hopeful that little league will be canceled tonight so we can get it fixed and wash clothes. baseball better get canceled the baseball uniforms are one thing that need to be washed

Good news
I cleared the clog in the drain all by my lonesome I pulled a huge chunk of goo and hair out and then Zach and I put in baking soda and vinegar to clear it out good so now the tub drains really well yea me!!

Good News
Dave has the money set aside to get himself a motorcycle to save on gas of course he has to learn to ride the damn thing and get a liscense and everything but it is a step in a less expensive more eco friendly option

still no word on when the heck we will be getting our pigs Dave needs to take time off to get this done and I need a day when it is not raining to fix the pen and build some crates to bring them home in
More good news this Saturday we are going to be going to a farm to check out Angora Goats they are lovely animals and from what I have read about them great pets. Also the bonus is they make Angora Mohair wool that can be carded and spun into very nice profitable yarn and the extra bonus is they can be kept in the area of the land we affectionatly call "the Pit" that has tons of weeds for them forage on. So HOW is this eco friendly ..well it keeps my gear head hubby from trying to cut down all the nasty weeds using his big stinky weed wacker and gas guzzling lawn mower !!The farm we are going to breeds these lovely animals and they can teach me lots of neat things about them I am hoping to be able to get our farm set up for two of them and if not oh well it is such a cool thing to learn about too! It is my wish to get a people powered mower you know a push reel mower I have many reasons for this that Dave just does not understand first off when I am doing yard work I am also caring for small children at the same time I prefer to be able to HEAR the children when they are talking to me it is a ROYAL PITA to have to constantly in my deafness turn off the lawnmower so I can hear the kid who has been trying to shout to me over the mower that he has a flower for me Dave says the kids need to learn to wait to talk to me I say he needs to learn to buy me the lawn mower I want $135 plus shipping and it will save us on gas give me and the kids excersise and the older boys and younger boy(Zach) can use it with ease of course Alex has no problems with the motor lawnmowers he is a big strong fellow who likes yard work but he likes the idea of a non motor one too(mostly cause I have convinced him!)

And now for some shameless cuteness these are the 4 week old kittens that our "mama kitty" AKA Lady SnowBell had they are precious 2 of them have homes now I need to find good homes for 4 more this picture is going to be made into a poster to be put up welcoming people to come have some good mousers

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