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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rainy day ramblings

What a busy week it has been here...

The boys got out of school so it is officially summer for us
Over the course of the past week and last weekend (if that makes sense to anyone you have been reading my blog too long) we have gotten the majority of the garden planted the tomatoes we wanted to keep are in the garden adn growing like mad and we planted some corn and peppers we also planted peas and spinich and lettuce (the peas and lettuce are coming up) and cucumbers and pumpkins and watermelons

we still have more to plant we got about 45 tomato plants in the ground

that is going to be a whole lot of damn tomatoes I better learn canning

today we moved the rest of the plants outside to the deck it is rainy and we are all sick of the plants taking over our space

Tim and I also took down most of the plant lights

the house looks so sparce and so lonely and so bare Oh I still have plants on the buffet table and on the garden shelf and some of the window sills but not as many as before and now the hearth is no longer covered in tomato plants instead it has some lonely dusty shop lights on it!

Our baby chicks have been delayed yet again supposedly we are going to get them this coming wednesday. We found a farmer who is getting rid of his flock so I will talk with him tonight to see how many hens that are laying now I can get I just want a dozen it will help out a great deal

I told Dave we MUST get our pigs by this weekend I am sick of waiting (see it is that instant gratification thing again)

The boys and I have tons of work to get done to make all these things happen but luckily they are home from school and willing to work to make it all happen tommorow we will clean up the "greenhouse" and start work on the raised bed flower/herb garden and perhaps have them get moving on cleaning up where the pigs are going to go

we have a broken riding lawn tractor so any mowing has to happen using a walk behind lawn mower we have a great deal of grass to cut so this takes a lot of work as well

I am hoping to get a walk behind old cutter that does not need a motor it will be easier to work with because then 4 of us can trade off on it right now only two of us are strong enough to mess with the lawn mower

Dave is fighting me on this he says "we dont need one" I say we do and we go round and round about who is right and why

I win by the way in the end no matter what he says because ...well I am me and I will get my way eventually he just likes to think he has a say so in matters so we pretend like this and I win him over using my wit my charm and by just saying


works every time

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