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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Being green with house guests

I have a house guest staying with us this week my 14 year old Niece. She is a lovely girl in all ways and such a sweet good sport but not used to the amount of conservation that living in a house of so many enforces on us...that and the lucky child has a perfectly working septic system! LOL

She is a good house guest considerate of the things that we have asked her to do and she does her best to follow the rules of the house.

I think in having a house when you have certain ...what would be seen as restrictions to need to explain why things are done the way they need to be done.

This week because of our septic issues we have adopted the when it's yellow let it mellow when it's brown flush it down technique .. not pleasant for me I personally can't stand this because of the smell and stains but I found a way around that by making the boys go outside (benefit of rural living)

I love kids because they are more flexible than most adults

So if you are having a house guest like say your mother in law explain to her WHY you are doing things the way you are doing them

maybe you will be lucky and end up with a new ally I know my mother in law surprised me she loves what the kids and I are doing and has been very supportive.
hmmm short post not a whole lotta tips in there.

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