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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Power Cost monitor / "centometer"

There is a difference between the two of these products (see TV lied to me again!)

On those "green" TV shows like "Wa$ted" on planet green a product called a "centometer" is used to help give the participants a home energy audit

this product needs to be installed by an electrician

but GUESS WHAT I just had a chat today with a nice fellow from Blue Line Innovations the makers of the Power Cost Monitor (Hiya Darrel!) and he told me that their product can be used by even people like me whose knowledge and ability with tools is ...well limited

So if you are getting to my blog by searching for the "Centometer" that you have seen on any number of the TV shows on planet green please feel free to check out the link in my margins to go see this product.

and come back often because your very own greenish chickie is going to be checking out this product to see just how much money it can indeed save my bigger than average family

I can't wait to get my very own Power Cost Monitor to use around here I KNOW there are things that are wasting energy in my house and I KNOW my little energy hogs(my dear boys) will love to help find ways to pinch more pennies

I have several older appliances I can't wait to see how much the 13 year old fridge uses

and of course to show Dear Dave how much his beloved incandescent light bulbs use

bwhahahaha I am going to go mad with POWER

(I think I need a nap)

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