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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cute Video of my chickens

So there they are the big one is making the most noise she is over a year old the rest of them are ...ummm I forget but they are well close to 3 months

The big boy and I spent yesterday in the barn cleaning it out I found a really neat recipe for white wash in Hobby Farm Home magazine (along with a 30 minute to motz cheese recipe that I MUST try) So my goal is to get the barn clean and neat and nice and then paint the inside with white wash and make it sparkly and bright
and THEN

get a small family size COW yes a COW I want one I found out ..OK ,check that Dave found out that the cow we MUST get is a Dexter cow. A Dexter Cow is an Irish breed of cow that is multi purpose and perfect for the family farm. Not only is it smaller in size, it produces less milk and can live on less feed making it great for one or 2 families to invest in and share. You see Dave was listening to this radio show and it brought up Dexter cows he was fascinated. Then at work (Dave works in a nursing home) he was talking with a guy who knows we have a small farm. The guy asked if we had a cow. Dave said no I was just looking into getting a cow for our small property. The guy actually BROUGHT UP Dexter cows and he knows a fellow who has them and breeds them in our area.


It's fate we are bound to get Dexter cows now after all when would you hear about something like that 2 times in one day unless you are destined for it LOL So the plan is to get the pit cleaned out (it is infested with Common Tansy which is poisonous to mammals) this fall and get things in place for us to have this cow.(porbably not happening this fall but we are closer to getting it)

I also would love to get Angora Goats 2 females but that will probably have to wait as I really think a Cow would be a better investment in our farm ..and in our family after all my kids can go through 2 gallons of milk a day if they are allowed to drink that much (I restrict it) I did find that Milk at Walgreen's is about 50 cent cheaper than at the grocery store. So a Cow would be a good thing

On my walk today I found that we have cucumbers! I feel so powerful I grew cucumbers that to me is so neat I never had cucumber plants survive this long I also found a Teeny tiny Jalepeno pepper on the pepper plant I also found some lovely signs on my other pepper plants there will be flowers on them soon so by the end of August I will have peppers.. I hope..The Habenero plants are still too small to produce peppers or even signs of peppers but if they keep growing well I will transplant some into pots and hopefully grow them indoors

Something that is standing in our way this year with being closer to our goal of self sufficiency is that the Broccoli and spinach did not grow.

My goal is to be able to grow our vegetables I know what veggies we use a great deal of sadly my Broccoli did not do anything this year I dont know what I am doing wrong so anyone who has grown broccoli from seed give me tips I will be checking my encyclopedia soon

I started new broccoli plants and will be starting some new spinach to grow for fall and some more pea plants so far no sprouts on the broccoli seeds

The sweet potato plants are both growing I am so excited about that because I did not buy them I started them myself from old sweet potatoes it was fun and neat and next year will be done earlier in the season

Part of this whole self sufficiency thing is learning what works and what does not. It is nice cause it falls into my method of learning learn from my own mistakes. I also started keeping a gardening journal so I can carry it with me and walk about finding out about things like different plants growing on the property and what can be done with them.

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