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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I am bothered

I am annoyed at the SLOWNESS of how my grand plans take effect

I am annoyed that my grand idea of a passive solar hot water heater is not up and running in my yard yet I have ALL of the materials (aside from Dave's plumbing stuff) all gathered together and sitting in the yard

This is the problem with grand plans no matter how much money they will save us it requires skills and abilities that I do not possess

Things like plumbing

and using a power saw


I am just afraid that by the time we get the damn thing built it will be time to drain it

of course if Dear Dave waits much longer to built it the temperature outside will be too cold for it to even be useful and then he will make comments about how "this is not effective"

Oh well there goes my grand plan of having a Passive Solar hot water heater available for us to use this summer He has one day off a week from work and he spends that day putzing around with the lawn tractors because he has this silly vision of using them to mow the yard. What a MAN!!

He has wasted more days off with the lawn tractors hoping to have them working (I understand his frustration with them)

That is what stinks about ideas I can have a million ideas of things we can afford to do I plan it all out and gather materials (the materials I have gotten together have cost us nothing) my dream is to build this thing show others it can be done and NOT look like a pile of junk in the yard and have it actually work and work well and then perhaps I can help my friends and neighbors in real life and online to build the same kind of thing or something similar to it to help them decrease their dependence on more expensive and wasteful sources of hot water.

What annoys me most is that my big boys leave in a week to go stay with their grandparents for 2 weeks so my partners in crime will not be here to help out with things and IF Dave and I find the time to build this creation(Dave really does want to see it built too but really time is limited for him)

I am afraid that my patience will be my undoing

luckily I have the garden and chickens and pigs to keep me busy

Oh and some crafting things to do I am making some neat things out of "treasures" I have had laying around some things like

pretty cloth covered garden notebooks mainly because I want one for my gardening notes ...I know WHY keep a garden notebook?? well there are so many things to write down when gardening on a large scale I mean I cant be expected to remember EVERYTHING

for instance when did I start those tomatoes? how long till I get to pick my first one? when did I start the peppers ? should I have started them earlier ? would the produce better if they got started before the tomatoes? what about the other veggies?

Then we are working on turning food cans into neat garden candle holders by cutting holes in them either with a nail or using the dremmel(spelled wrong I know) tool I can then spray paint them (not environmentally friendly but more aesthetically pleasing than a rusty can) this will seal and protect them and make them pretty

Did I mention that Zach also expects me to build him a pond??

yes Zach has another project he wants to accomplish this summer he wants to build a pond however being big on brains but small on size he cannot dig through the weeds as easily as one might think. His big brother is busy still working on digging that hole to fix the septic issue we are having he is over 5 feet deep but at this rate I am afraid the hole will probably never get finished

I was outside earlier trying to fix the pig waterer our old pig nipple needs replacement so I am inside to cool off (it is very warm out there right now ..well at least for me)

Zach is working on another movie with brother this one is about Garter snakes

So much to do so little time and energy to do it all

I really wonder if I am the only person who makes huge plans and then does not have the time to finish all my plans ....

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