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Monday, July 21, 2008

Zachary has some new "pets"

Oh dear

Zachary is definatly all BOY he likes crepy crawly things and things that slither

While his Dad was working ..yet again ...on the broken law tractor (if he would just admit it they are BROKEN and wasting time trying to fix them just wastes time he would accept that we NEED 2 or 3 push reel mowers and life would be much easier and the lawn would be mowed and my garden would have mulch, but I got distracted from my topic)

Daddy found A couple garden snakes living inside the engine of the tractor that he wanted to install

So he gave them to Zach

These are probably garter snakes I am guessing common ones but they look more like a Butlers snake but I am no expert by any means and I am not about to examine the darn things that closely

So today we will be building the snakes a habitat inside an animal cage we have (aquarium complete with lighting)

Zach also has outside some caccoons of Monarch butterflies he collected some catepillars and then raised them on fresh milkweed every morning and once they were ready they went into thier caccoons and we then made them a lovely tent out of paper plates and some tulle fabric and fishing line. we watched one come out of it's crystlis the other day and got to observe the butterfly for a little bit. Sadly Nik (the 3 year old) said the butterfly wanted to fly up up up into the sky and he let it free (Zach was sad he wanted a chance to feed it and then set it free like we did last year)

I like doing these little projects with the kids it helps them learn about the animals they are interested in and gives them some responsibility they have to care for thier pet and keep it safe and happy. they have to learn what the pet eats and then learn how to best mimic thier natural environment.

and then we set it free...

The kids gain an appreciation of the animal and learn to respect it more

So now I am off to mimic a small grassy area complete with a few rocks twigs and of course a source of water (but not too deep)

come on creativity hit me fast a 8 year old is hoping I know exactly what to do



Allison said...

On a side note...if you ARE looking to buy another push reel mower, I would suggest Sunlawn, as I just bought one myself! I love it and it gets the job done efficiently! The blades stay sharp for ten years...and there is a two year warranty.

I don't even have to have ask my husband to mow the lawn anymore, I mow as a form of exercise!...okay thats all for my side note!

Sue said...

I have heard marvelous things about the sunlawn and I would love one. I have had so much fun mowing the lawn using my friends push reel ..sadly she wants it back and now that Dave adjusted the blades I doubt that I will ever see it again. When I can get together the 130 some dollars for a sunlawn I plan on getting it.