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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just a few Garden Pictures

For those interested here are some parts of my gardens

I wanted the vegetable garden to have raised beds and to look like a lovely walk in an English style garden (Don't think I got there yet but I like unfinished garden work it means promise) with soft wide grass paths and raised beds combined with different companion plantings that would be beautiful as well as function to get rid of pests and support the plants themselves. This is a work in progress the raised beds will probably get built this fall and then have compost added to the beds to raise them as much as possible and then we will cover them with black gardening fabric to let water through but keep weeds and things out

This is a close up of my Roma tomatoes these are the biggest ones. the tomatoes to me are like my babies after all I have been with them a long time and I take good care of them

I don't know if anyone would be live this but I started out as a rose gardener I really REALLY love flowers and I used to have a large rose garden when we lived in the city (roughly 30 plants with companion flowers) This raised tier bed shows off some perennials and a few annuals it was my mother's day gift built by me and the boys we did the annuals from seeds and a couple perennials too but much of it was bought for me from a local garden center the sink toward the back will someday be a fountain I have the stuff I just have not put it together yet. Along the back thing there will be some climbing plants. The rocks are from our property too

And finally here are my potato plants in tires

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