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Friday, July 11, 2008

More about piggies

I love piggies I mean it I love them I love them alive I love them wrapped in my freezer they are fabulous animals to have

my advice about pigs is as follows

First a good strong place for them is a MUST pigs root or dig in the dirt and if you think your fence is strong enough you are probably wrong so a good wooden fence with deep posts and cattle pannels on the inside works great

when they dig a hole ...and belive me they will dig... take a wooden log a big one and put it in the hole this way they will dig but the log will roll into the hole and prevent them from digging out

water water water

We use a gravity fed waterer (designed by my big brother Leo I told you all he was a genius) attached to a board that has the "pig nipple" out the other end

Pigs eat almost anything so if you have friends who you want to help out and get rid of thier scraps or a restaurant that is willing to give you good food scraps go for it

I read a book on raising pigs I recommend readng up on them and taking what you need but honestly the best way to learn how to deal with pigs is to just have them

I love being able to go for a walk and hear my pigs grunting away in thier pen and the chickens clucking like mad it a blast to have a little farm like this

not to mention come fall smoking our own bacon

mmmmm mmmm all Laura Ingalls wanna bes eat your heart out!! LOL

IF anyone has any specific questions I am happy to answer them

I have been thinking that perhaps I should start up a section like an ASk Sue kinda thing I mean I do know a little bit about everything and I can come up with answers that sound great even if they are not correct

I knwo that I have a lot of skills that many women my age do not have some don't know how to save seeds or make bread or sew on a button it is just a thought

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