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Friday, July 11, 2008


This is so cool I just was featured on someones blog!! Holy smokes

here is the link

I thought that was cool it is a post all about upcycling and about my LILY LAMPS

damn guess I better get to moving on making more of those

and making the light last longer than 8 hours

if I could find a way to charge it using a photovoltaic cell to charge the battery that would be cool

perhaps I will instead play around with glow paint on the edges so once the battery dies out at least it will glow at night

I did hear bad news about the future of lily lamps though they are changing the milk jugs and how they are made so I may not be able to make them out of Milk jugs anymore but perhaps the water jugs will stay the same (we buy water cause ours in undrinkable)

AND my brother is going to be getting a lily lamp for his birthday (I swear Leo I am working on it) and he will be working on a way to make the light last longer for me he is a genius when it comes to tinkering and making something out of nothing I am a mere hack in comparison

1 comment:

Debbie~ said...

I saw the feature about your lamp, it was fantastic!!! (Honestly, I thought it was way 'under' priced!!!) It's very cool!
Congrats on the Blog feature!