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Thursday, July 10, 2008


yes I am excited to those who do not eat meat this may be offensive to you however we are HUGE omnivores in our family and we love our meat
we went in with friends and got 4 pigs 3 girls and one boy I want to breed them but Dave said No I said how can we call ourselves a self sustainable farm if we are not willing to breed animals but that is a WHOLE other arguement see I am looking forward (probably a little too quickly) to a time when all we need comes from our small property except for bare essencials that we cannot possibly make here (like flour)

my friend (Angela) is thrilled at this prospect and loves to come over to check on the gardens with me and walk up our hill(which you now see pictured atop my page) to check on the berries and apple trees and assorted wild flowers up there We both have large families and appreciate the amount of money and work that goes into feeding a large crew and with the rise in food prices we both want to do what we can to not only give our families good quality food but also to cut costs

So without further ado I would like you all too meet bacon, cutlet, ham hock, and sausage (just kidding we did not name them I just call them all pig)


fearlesschef said...

Look how cute they are! Look how yummy they will be come winter! I was a vegetarian for years and years until I came to the realization that no man I knew would be willing to forgo meat in favor of tofu. And in the interest of not scaring whatever men there were, I gave up the veg. Turned out to be a good thing as I married a farm boy who isn't so much interested in the tofu. Now, we fight over who gets the last strip of bacon... and I usually win! Go Meat!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Yaaayyy!!! Please do tell us all about your pigs! Josh and I have been debating turkeys or pigs come Spring....but I think that his mother's dogs have decided pigs for us. They'll just hunt and kill the turkeys. Pigs are little scary, when you get right down to it!