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Monday, August 18, 2008

Anxiously awaiting my "centometer"


I know the TV shows call it a Centometer but really it is a Power cost monitor I have blogged about it before.

WELL today I got a call from the company that makes them (after many e-mails were sent to a guy who no longer works there) and the nice fellow I chatted with (such a patient man to listen to me prattle on while my kids made noise in the background) is actually sending me one to try out and to talk about to those who like to come here to find out about.

I am so psyched.

This is a neat way to give yourself an energy audit without having to do the math.
You also don't have to wait till your electric bill comes in to see the difference in savings.

An Energy audit is important for so many reasons

First it saves money by cutting back on your spending where ever you are comfortable with cutting back things like light bulbs ,unplugging things you don't use using fans instead of AC etc

Second it helps one prepare for living on less energy which is what is needed if one wants to go self sufficient you need to know how to budget your electrical usage much the way you budget your money choosing what is more important to use and at what time.

Those who use Alternative power that is not grid tied say this is one of the most challenging steps that people often forget to take because it requires the work and math and is basically a boring penny pinching tedious task

well I like tedious (read about Berry picking) and penny pinching is my thing and I am a gadget freak so I can't wait to get this thing and put it to work to see how much money it can save me and to tell the world about it all

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