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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rambling to myself

I just had to pat myself on the back..well OK reveal to cyberspace the pat on the back I got from my Dave.

Today Dave told me "I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the difference in our garbage you have made by your obsessive recylcling and composting. It has been 3 weeks since I have had time to get to the dump and I had less than half a truck. That was cool"

The garden is producing now we have peas to eat I picked some for Dave and we have the lettuce of course, I picked a carrot to check thier development they are tiny but Dave ate it anyways The corn is starting to get tassles on it and we have cucumbers!!

and the tomatoes are just starting to show some signs of ripening.

Kid funny to share

Zach was out in the garden and said "mom why is that green apple on the tomato plant?" I had to explain to him that it was a not yet ripe tomato and he said OOoohhh

I went to the new farmers market. I belive I will be outclassed when it comes to produce from the farms in the area . I can bring along a few things I mean things like some of my herbs I guess I could pick some camomile from the roadside. and maybe some flowers or something. and of course there is the lettuce. I just don't feel like we really have all that much ..of course my tune will change once I am able to harvest those tomatoes!

I signed up for a class on introduction to organic gardening at one of the local greenhouses. I want to get to know some growers from our area so I can learn more about growing in this climate. Remember I grew up and learned to grow things in a climate that was different than here. with different soil and it was in the heart of the city. things are very different growing in the country and in a colder climate and with sand instead of clay for soil.

So I have the forms to sign up to be a vendor at this farmers market I think I will make a few of my recycled crafts to bring along to fill the gap and I will prepare some herbs that morning and I will get the lettuce plants into some cups and if I have tomatoes ripe those will come along too.

I think gardening is a sickness that I suffer from I already have plans for next years garden ...everyone should bow thier heads now and say "poor poor Dave" my garden will mean a great deal of work for him LOL however once done and maintained it will be much easier....


TigersButterfly said...

I bet next year will be great for you with the compost you are building up.
Plus you will have all the stalks from this year's plants to throw in the compost.

Sue said...

I do hope so. It will also help that the bounty we have now has inspired my dear beloved to put more of his heart and back into it next year

and also because we plan on doing some fall work on it so next years garden will have that lovely head start too